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The New England Association of Oral History:

Current officers of the Organization are:

  • President - Betty Hoffman, Independent Historian
  • Vice President - Sarah Boyer, Cambridge Historical Commission (MA)
  • Secretary - Betty Hoffman, Central Connecticut State University
  • Treasurer - John Fox, Salem State College, emeritus (MA)
  • Executive Secretary - Martha McCormick, University of Connecticut
  • Past President - Mehmed Ali, Lowell National Historical Park (MA)



  • Pamela Dean, Maine Folklife Center
  • R. Stuart Wallace, University of New Hampshire
  • Linda Wood, Oral History Consultant, Hope Valley, Rhode Island
  • Bruce Stave, Oral History Office, University of Connecticut
  • Steve Showers, University of Connecticut
  • James Findlay, University of Rhode Island

For Membership information contact Martha McCormick, executive secretary, at Martha.McCormick@UConn.edu


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